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Coulee Connections' staff possesses years of combined experience, artfully blending healing approaches within trauma informed care philosophy.  We have built an outstanding reputation of collaboration with our surrounding school districts and community service partners. These long-standing professional relationships have proven to be an essential key in our success of offering inter-agency services to our students and their families. We are committed to the vision of a more integrated model of service delivery, as it truly represents the best practice for service provision. 

I.M.P.A.C.T. Model 5 Core Tasks



We believe that the healing process needs to be in place for learning to occur. That is why we care for our students with unconditional positive regard, enabling a trust to develop. As our students form relationships with positive adults in a safe and nurturing environment, their walls begin to fall down, and their ability to learn with confidence begins to emerge. At Coulee Connections, we strive to be that healing presence that offers the foundation to build a healthy lifestyle.


  • Children will grow emotionally, behaviorally and academically when the underlying causes of their difficulties are addressed therapeutically.

  • Giving unconditional positive regard in a structured, safe environment allows children to develop healthy, trusting relationships with others.

  • Providing individualized therapeutic, academic and vocational instruction will develop academic confidence and instill the desire for lifelong learning.​

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