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Welcome to Coulee Connections!

The vibrant, ever-expanding alternative environment

Welcome to Coulee Connections – your partners in restoring and building resiliency with children, youth their families and community.


It’s evident that finding happiness and fulfillment in modern society has become more challenging and stressful.   The demands of daily living are on the rise.  Our ability to bounce back from stress, challenge, tragedy, trauma and adversity is of the utmost importance in working through the muck toward better versions of ourselves.  During these times it’s not uncommon for our supportive connections to be damaged or weakened, leaving us with feelings of increasing isolation and helplessness.  The road to restoring and building resiliency is not made of independence or rugged self-reliance.  It is born from a willingness for those in need, to find partnership with an inspired, responsive, compassionate, caregiver.  


Coulee Connections provides “resiliency partnerships” providing Alternative Education Services to youth and young adults experiencing significant emotional, behavioral and social difficulties in their family, public school or community programs.  Our Circle of Security informed practice is highly integrated, trauma informed, experientially based skill building that has been successful in supporting a wide range of needs.


Daily, our team at Coulee Connections pledges to live inspired lives, to be responsive, compassionate caregivers.  Our team understands the journey to resilience cannot be your journey… we have to be always willing and always ready for it to be our journey.  Whether the need is for a little or a lot of resiliency, I invite you to check us out.  Visit the rest of our web site, come on in and chat with us, take a tour of programming, ask the tough partnership questions to see if we might be a fit for your resiliency journey.  


Wishing you the best,


- Rob Van Nuland , Founder/CEO


Together, we can continue to heal & inspire our children.

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