Cedar Creek Ranch

What's Happening

at the Ranch:

Week of 1/18/2021


Outdoor/STEM: Map introduction to the new unit coming up. A winter scavenger hunt that challenges students to record (write/sketch) their winter observations. For example, they might be asked to go to the gazebo and tally the number of birds at the bird feeders.

Language Arts:  Students will be finishing building their model igloos!   


Outdoor: We will be introducing the map unit to our Elementary folks!

STEM:  Adventurers will do an activity called Owl Olympics in which we get outdoors and act like owls and test our strengths. Students will be challenged to complete some physical activities that will reveal some very special owl adaptations. This activity will prepare us for dissecting owl pellets Week 2.


Park Outing - Elementary will NOT be going to the ranch but instead be going to a local park for some structured activities. The group will leave in the morning and return around lunch time. In the afternoon, the teacher will have a specific lesson for them to engage in.

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