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Alternative Education

At Coulee Connections, we work with local students who are currently unable to make effective progress in a regular school setting because of their emotional, behavioral, and academic needs. Our daily "Menu" meets student groups where they are at and organizes healthy developmental patterns. We strive to create a safe and trusting environment for our students so that they can focus on personal growth, academic success, and eventually identify themselves as a "Learner". We believe children deserve the opportunity to have a quality education and an opportunity to learn life skills that will help them cope and succeed as adults. 


Our certified teachers, outdoor specialists and dedicated student coaches come together to not only teach Common Core curriculum, but to also develop the social and behavioral skills that students need during their daily lives. We teach in a variety of settings - in a formal classroom, outdoors, and in the community - to truly enhance our students' development. One of our primary goals is to align "5 Core Tasks", Connections, Expectations, Settings, Activities, and Motivation. We create "teachable moments" through the implementation of the IMPACT framework and the utilization of classroom, small group and individualized support systems to ensure that each student's IEP and emotional needs are met.


By  partnering with our families, the area school districts and community agencies, we are able to provide academic instruction, along with specialized emotional/behavioral skills development, to children and youth grades K-12. We provide a more family-centered, seamless service-delivery system that offers a broad continuum of services and supports tailored to the strengths and needs of our students and their families. We strive to create teachable moments through an innovative blending of universal, targeted group, and individualized support. 

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