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Community Engagement


As an organization, one of our goals is to get students connected with the outdoors and surrounding community areas in the Coulee Region. As we approached a season where giving and receiving is prevalent, our program took a step further into how we can give back to this area that we have had the opportunity to experience.  


This quarter, students were welcomed into the discussion of who they are within their community. Every student has a unique way of offering themselves into a group effort. Collectively, it creates a strong force of social and emotional change. Each group took ownership of a community project, and had the opportunity to offer up their time and effort towards a positive giving opportunity. 

Benefits to Community Engagement: 


  • Accomplishing a shared goal with peers and adults, and being able to share the challenges and successes of the experience. 

  • Interaction with adults and organizations outside of their home and school structure.

  • Creating and strengthening the space for new positive engagements with the community.

  • Community Service Hours 

Our Projects!


This year already, Coulee students have been involved with 5 community organizations! Our partners have been the Rotary Lights of La Crosse, Coulee Humane Society, Brookdale Senior Living, Hunger Task Force, and the Salvation Army. Our groups spend about an hour a week out in our community building relationships with these organizations. That is around 60 hours giving back to our community and practicing building positive relationships!. 




Adventurers have continued their relationship with Brookdale Senior living! These first 2 quarters, students have written letters, crafted, and even performed their R&M routine for them for the holidays! We have been delivering things back and forth for a whole year now!


Explorers started the year off making tie blankets for the animals at Coulee Humane Society. They then got to deliver these and have a tour of the building, and meet some furry friends in the process! Explorers also did some community service around our building to save up for a dog food donation for the humane society as well! 


Pathfinders and Expeditioners:


This school year, Path and Exped started off in the Kane St.Garden. They were able to help harvest vegetables, plant seeds, and help with general garden upkeep. The Kane St. Garden helps give fresh produce to community members that are in need. 


This winter, groups prepared for their rotary lights volunteering as well. In november, groups went to Riverside park where they helped string lights for the rest of our community to enjoy all the way from Thanksgiving to the New Year! Some of our group members made it in the newspaper, showcasing all of our hard volunteer work.

Rotary Lights

Bell Ringing

Kane St. Garden