La Crosse Summer Programming 2022


Greetings All,


Believe it or not summer is right around the corner! There continues to be a need for finding engaging summer opportunities that provide students who struggle with social-emotional needs with structured supports for the upcoming summer break.  Coulee Connections Alternative School is offering a six week program and is currently seeking referrals for our Outlook Summer School program.


Outlook Summer School will take place six consecutive weeks from June 27th through August 5th. Programming runs Monday through Friday from 8am-3pm and will be geared toward assisting students in building a more secure pattern of social-emotional management.  These skills will provide a foundation for educational success going into the school year.   Math, language arts, and STEM instruction will be creatively integrated into a variety of developmentally aligned outdoor educational experiences.   Academic instruction will be led by our certified teachers and highly effective teams.  Referrals are for students ages 6-16, with IEP’s.  Programming will provide each student with breakfast, lunch and snacks. Transportation will be provided by parents/school district. Due to the high level of interest participant slot will be committed for the entire 6 weeks.   


As part of programming, we are offering a class for qualified middle/ high school students that  will culminate in week 5, with a five night Boundary Waters Expedition led by our Outlook Excursion team.  SEL and academic skills progression will be integrated into the weekly schedule leading up to the excursion. 


Outlook Summer School also includes a variety of activities designed to assist school teams and parents in bridging these skills back into their school and families.   We have seen great things come from invested teams who have utilized the Outlook Summer School as a experiential training tool.  Interested parties should contact us ASAP to discuss the structuring of this opportunity.   


We have partnered with schools/families that have utilized funding sources of:

-  Extended School Year (ESY)

-  Mental Health Grant Dollars

-  Community Foundations

-  Children’s Miracle Network Grant Scholarship (Must meet specific criteria)


Please reach out to Matt Tepper 608-519-5540 with referrals or questions about the referral process.