Welcome to the Outdoors!

Week: May 6 - May 10 

 Goal: Geocaching and Responsibilty

Intro to week: Groups will review the weekly schedule. Students and coaches will have the chance to answer questions pertaining to the activities. I am going to challenge student coaches to ask questions and get involved. It can be very engaging for the students if the coaches are learning and practicing the skills alongside students.


Create Geocache: Groups will begin to weatherproof their geocaches. Groups already have been given small “trinkets” or “trade outs” for their caches. Once the caches are weatherproof, groups can start to think of a cool name for the geocache and a hiding spot. After demonstrating that they can place it and mark the waypoint appropriately outside in the yard, the group will be ready to place it in the community!


Farm: Standard farm day with Katie. Please read the farm email for additional information.


Garden Day: The group gardens boxes are looking amazing! Great job to coaches and students for all of your hard work! As most of the planting is done, except for a few of the trans-plants, we get to watch all our hard work grow! Groups can go outside and take observations of what’s happening to their garden box. Groups can try to differentiate the different seedlings vs. weeds and continue to weed the garden boxes.


Place Geocache: Groups already have a pre designated location for their outing on Wednesday. The focus for this outing is to place their geocache, Mark the caches location / waypoint  and continue geocaching. Please have students in their seats, ready to go with 4 green zones, to ensure enough time is allowed out in the community!


Geocaching @: Groups will head out, in an attempt to find the other groups hidden geocache. The main focus is to find the groups geocache. Additional geocaches can be found if there is additional time. During this outing, 1 student will have the GPS (as long as 4 green zones are displayed), and 1 GPS will be with student coaches / staff at all times. Upon returning, students will be prompted into a quick 3-5 sentence paragraph pertaining to their outing.



Hey guys, I just wanted to personally thank everyone for their effort with the compost! (Mother Nature thanks you as well) Not only are we helping to reduce waste, but we are improving our gardens soil quality! The kiddos have been on top of composting! Now, I am challenging staff and groups to help out! Each group, will receive a green or blue compost bucket. This bucket will be placed in your rooms. At the end of each day, for this week only, I will come around and check to see who has filled their bucket up the most with compost. The winners each day, will get a small special treat. (Those in group only!) It is down to us as staff to help create the magic and to continue fueling the excitement! Keep up the awesome work!

Previous Activities

Quarter 2: Week 1

What an awesome week to start quarter two off! The weather started a bit rainy and only got colder but groups were able to weather the storm and start their project of burn bowls! Making burn bowls involves a good deal of patience and concentration.


Students picked out a log that they will be able to hold a coal onto while they blow on the coal. In order to help their breath and where the coal burns, students use a straw to direct the airflow so the coal can start to carve out wood in a bowl/circle shape. This can sound a bit scary, but students are expected to wear proper safety gear and be an appropriate distance away from each other.


Some of our students are already experts at bowl making from previous years and help the other groups out by cutting and stacking wood for the next fire! Thanks Expeditioner Group!

Week 8 & 9: Fishing and Story Boarding

This week and this coming week, students will be working on their fishing skills and a picture/storyboard project to finish up the quarter. Students took time to learn how to tie a fishing knot and how to cast properly! Their storyboard project was built around celebrating the week at the farm. Students looked at pictures and choose pictures that best described their week. This next week students will continue to look at pictures and create a storyboard as they answer questions about the photos they choose!

Week 6: Walking Sticks and Overnight Preparation

This week, groups continued to have time to developing their walking sticks and prepare for the overnight week. In order to do this they spent time learning about what activities they would be doing next week and how to use certain equipment they might be using (TENTS!).

Week 5: Flint and Steel

This week, groups have been learning and practicing the technique of using Flint and Steel! Harder than one would think, students slowed the process down to correctly learn and then practice on how to use one.


We covered safety expectations (outside activity and adult led), how to hold one and strike one correctly and how to light a tinder bundle with one.


Students worked hard on mastering the skill Throughout the week!

Week 4: Outdoor Education

This week groups have been working hard on putting their fire building skills to work! Although each group started at different places to begin the week the focus on was to learn the 4 steps of building a fire alongside their group members.

1. Create your tinder bundle (using dry material found in the woods). In the previous weeks students worked hard on collecting supplies for this. You never want to run out of tinder!

2. Make your separate stick piles) separate your piles into small/skinny, medium thickness and larger thickness). We had students practice identifying why they needed the tiny tiny sticks to start the fire and the importance of having different thickness of wood gathered and stationed before lighting the fire!  

4. Light the fire!

3. Build your fire lay-out: log cabin or t-pee. We had students focusing on sharing different roles with their peers and showing they can follow directions and remember how to build a fire properly.