Welcome to The Farm!

Quarter 4: Week 7

This past week we began our Model Rockets Unit at the farm. We learned that rockets rely on Newton's Third Law of Motion to launch high into the sky. This law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In the case of rockets, exhaust is forced out of the bottom of the rocket towards the ground while an opposite force thrusts the rocket up into the air. We began our rocket training by creating paper rockets that we launched with soda straws. These rockets flew 10-20 feet into the air. Next week we will advance to 2-liter soda bottles that require water and air pressure to launch the bottles 50-100 feet into the air. We will end the school year with a bang by building and launching model rockets that can fly hundreds of feet into the air and even have parachutes for safe landing.


The chickens are almost ready to leave their brooder and live outside in the barn and pastures. As we continue to observe the chicks grow, we have learned that they enjoy flying up to perch on the top of the their wooden box as well as perch on our arms and shoulders. We also made progress in the farm garden this week by building a trellis for the cucumbers and beans. We look forward to the warm, sunny weather coming our way so we can continue to plant lots of delicious veggies and herbs. Spring cleanup continued as several groups practiced teamwork to remove large brush piles and heavy logs from the pasture so we can begin mowing the grass. We also uncovered the pool and should have it ready for swimming in the coming week.

Quarter 2: Week 7

This week at the farm we concluded our Santa's Workshop project by adding the finishing touches to our wooden gifts. With a little paint, glitter, and colorful string, we finished our ornaments and wall hangings. Back at Coulee Connections, students decorated gift bags and wrote holiday cards to include with their handmade gifts. We then headed outside to explore the creek, stack firewood in the woodshed, and warm up with a campfire and s'mores. After winter break, we will explore how animals survive the cold, we will search for animal tracks and other clues, and hopefully we will have lots of snow to play in, too!

Quarter 2: Week 6

Santa's Workshop has seen a lot of hard working students this week. Here at the farm, students are making a variety of carefully crafted wooden gifts to give to family and friends. We are continuing to improve our woodworking skills. Some are learning how to use a coping saw to cut complicated shapes, while others are practicing precision while hammering nails into specific patterns. Everyone was challenged to bring focus and creativity to their projects as they sanded away imperfections and added colorful details. Santa's Workshop has also brought opportunities for students to practice cooperation and responsibility while sharing tools and other supplies, collecting firewood to heat the workshop, and doing cleanup chores together. Overall, students have demonstrated a great deal of determination and persistence during this project as they practiced new skills and overcame mistakes. Great job, everyone!