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Outlook Expeditions

Outlook Expeditions

Back-country wilderness experience has proven to be a monumental force for shaping the character, leadership and teamwork of those longing for personal growth and adventure. Our expedition program for at-risk youth (ages 12-17), creatively blends therapeutic practice with an out-door adventure trip to create a supercharged experiential learning process.


Opportunities for personal growth and development are interwoven into the daily demands of paddling or hiking, setting up and breaking down camp, attending to personal care needs, attending to emotional needs and addressing physical safety needs. 

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Our experienced team facilitates an interdependent experience promoting the development of:

Self-awareness, Confidence, Communication, Empathy, Conflict Resolution

...all leading to a more resilient community-minded individual.

Summer 2021 Session

Canoeing in the Boundary Waters

6 Week Progression: June 28th - August 6th

Program Preparation: Weeks 1-4

Boundary Waters Expedition: Week 5

Debrief and Follow Up: Week 6

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