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Animal Care Specialist

Coulee Connections is an alternative education school working with K-12 students from around the La Crosse area. Coulee Connections’ Cedar Creek Ranch is located in Cataract, WI and provides programming for students on a daily/weekly basis in STEM, outdoor/adventure education and animal care related programming. We are looking for an individual to help with various animal care chores/projects (see duties/responsibilities below). This position will require face-to-face interactions with students. Previous experience interacting with youth would be beneficial. Face-to-face interactions would include helping and guiding a small group of students and their staff on animal care chores, working 1:1 with students while doing chores and interacting with groups while they are on-site during programming. 


  • Providing care to hobby animals such as alpacas, goats, chickens, miniature donkeys, and indoor reptile/aquarium pets. Care includes daily cleaning and feeding chores for the animals, as well as general grooming, giving vaccinations, etc. 

  • The property also has bee hives and there would be an opportunity to work with and learn about bee care and maintenance. 

  • Attend to animal needs monthly, weekly, and daily as they come up. 

  • Coordinate projects and care tasks with other ranch staff. 

  • Possesses a strong knowledge of well being of animals and a willingness to learn about the animals on-site to provide the best care. 

  • Assist with gardening chores, including watering, weeding and turning compost piles.

  • Takes initiative on animal chores/projects and requires little supervision/guidance. Willing to ask questions and seek clarification! 

  • Helps with other various chores/projects on-site such as cleaning up when programming ends, putting tools away, taking garbage out, cleaning bathroom, helping with dishes and other classroom cleaning duties. 

  • Ability to lift 50-75 lbs. 

  • Must have a driver's license and/or be able to provide their own transportation. 

Application Information:  

Please apply online at couleeconnections.com. Or contact Sadie Kuhl at skuhl@couleeconnections.com or 508-519-5540 ext. 106


Submit an application and send a Resume to the email address below:



If you have any questions please contact:

Sadie Kuhl
Program Coordinator
608-519-5540 Ext. 106
Coulee Connections
99 Milwaukee Street
La Crosse, WI 54603

Teacher - Language Arts

Coulee Connections, LLC. is an Alternative school seeking a highly motivated, full time middle/high school language arts teacher for the 2021-2022 school year. The successful candidate will possess excellent classroom management skills and the ability to identify the learning needs of individual students and provide appropriate academic interventions. The candidate must have a desire to work with at-risk youth and demonstrate creative curriculum development and implementation. The candidate must exhibit warmth, concern and a capacity for trust, and have the ability to effectively communicate with students, parents, and staff. 


•    Wisconsin teaching license is required. Background in Reading or Language Arts

•    Experience with at-risk youth or certification in Special Education is preferred.
•    Working understanding of Individualized Education Programs. 
•    Ability and desire to connect classroom learning to the community and family. 
•    Ability to deal positively with changing priorities in a fast paced environment.
•    Display a positive, professional and proactive attitude to accomplish quality work that is in

     line with Coulee Connections’ mission statement.



•    Develop and implement creative Language Arts curriculum.
•    Identify students’ individual learning needs and deliver appropriate instructional methods

     as determined in his/her IEP.
•    Assess student progress towards objectives, expectations, and goals, and develop

     methods for improvement and/or reinforcement of these goals in the home environment. 
•    Collaborate with staff, parents, and community members to improve the overall quality of

     student outcomes. 
•    Manage student behavior with the Coulee team to provide a safe and positive learning

•    Prepare various written materials to document student progress and meet mandated

•    Develop supportive relationships with students while reinforcing classroom expectations.


About Us

From top to bottom, our Coulee Connections team has a singular focus of creating the best possible learning opportunities for our students and staff. This dynamic team believes that students learn best when we blend the academic world with real world experience. We strive to create motivated learners by incorporating a variety of community and outdoor activities, vocational field trips, backpacking trips, hiking, and canoeing, into a curriculum based on the common core standards. Our team believes that a sense of belonging facilitates the growth of social, emotional, behavioral and academic skills –better equipping our students in bringing balance and value to their school and life choices. Through building positive relationships with our students, our passionate staff creates an environment of trust, which helps to make school at Coulee Connections a relaxed and enjoyable place for growth. 


Submit an application and send a Resume to the email address below:



If you have any questions please contact:

Shannon Kessel
Human Resources Director
608-519-5540 Ext. 107
Coulee Connections
99 Milwaukee Street
La Crosse, WI 54603

Student Coach

Coulee Connections has openings for part-time Student Coaches. Student Coaches work directly with at-risk youth in Summer Program and Alternative Education programs while providing youth with support academically, emotionally and behaviorally. Student Coaches will be responsible for creating positive relationships and maintaining structure in group and individual settings.


Applicants must demonstrate the ability to:

  • Work with a diverse group of people;

  • Simultaneously manage a variety of tasks;

  • Maintain patience and remain calm during stressful situations;

  • Work a flexible schedule;

  • Collaborate with a team;

Preferences include:

  • Experience working with children

  • Obtained an Associates or Bachelor's Degree

  • Working towards an Associates or Bachelor's Degree

  • Interest in working in the outdoors

A clean driving record is required.


Submit an application and send a Resume to the email address below:



If you have any questions please contact:

Shannon Kessel
Human Resources Director
608-519-5540 Ext. 107
Coulee Connections
99 Milwaukee Street
La Crosse, WI 54603