Quarter 1:

EM Outdoor Education: Students learned how to demonstrate safety in the clasroom, with each other, and in the community. There were various field trips to local parks where they could explore nature, engage in nature play, and learn how to identify plants & animals. In addition, the students engaged in team building activities to reinforce trust and communication.  

Language Arts: Students completed reading & language arts skills work every day. Skills work included basic language art concepts, writing, spelling, and reading comprehension. Readers focused on leveled books, sight words, and word families. 

Math: Students also do a number of day sheet as a warm up to math and STEM classes. The numbers and topics reviewed on the sheets are differentiated to each student’s abilities. We started the quarter out reviewing number lines and skip counting out on the long sidewalk with chalk. Throughout the quarter we have worked on counting and estimating larger numbers using various methods such as tallying and grouping. Students also learned ways to tell which pumpkins were likely to have high numbers of seeds. Students learned and reviewed their math operations with a variety of games this quarter that involved a different manipulatives.

S.T.E.M.:  Students became citizen scientists by studying a local stream and then a local pond. A daily weather report helped students identity how to dress for the weather before heading outdoors. Weekly field trips provided students with hands-on experiences to observe and identify plants and animals, observe the changes in seasons, and practice conservation skills. Student collected invasive goldfish and worked together to set up and care for a classroom aquarium. Students also learned how to use a biotic index to calculate the overall health of a pond or stream. The quarter ended by comparing animal life cycles and classifying animals as vertebrates and invertebrates.

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